Final term paper

Please select one reference from the list available in the left menu "References for term paper" and let the instructor + TA (cc both) know about your choice by Nov. 01.

You need to write a term paper that is a summary + critique  of that reference. Even better, if you can figure out open problems, new research results, and/or new worked out examples/applications in your term paper.

This requires you to read not only the reference of your choice, but also its bibliography, and later references who cite your reference (you can use Google Scholar feature "cited by").

The purpose of this exercise is twofold. First, to help you understand that the subject is research-alive and thriving. Second, to connect the material of this course to your research interests. If you really figure out some new and interesting insights, your term paper may even lead to a research publication! 

You need to typeset your term paper in latex. The term paper is due by Dec. 15 night 11:59 PM Pacific time via email attachment to instructor + TA (cc both). Please only submit the latex generated pdf, do not send us the source files. Your term paper's document style is up to you. The number of pages must be limited to minimum 6, maximum 10, including all figures and references.

Our assessment of your term paper will be based on the demonstrated depth of your understanding of the topic, the quality of writing, and if applicable, the quality of your original ideas and analysis.